Rental Winches

Rental products: An obvious advantage for both customers and environment.


As a new service Arcim has taken up rental of winches for customers with a short-term need. We thought it should be possible to get access to this equipment without having to invest large sums in winches which might be rendered obsolete when the job is done. Other than being the best financial option for short-term jobs, it is also the best option for the environment. These kinds of durable, heavy-duty winches are made to withstand tough climates, and therefore they last for many years. And here at Arcim we think they should also be used for many years in order to bring down carbon emissions from production as well as mechanic waste.


Presently we stock:

Electrical winches and cable pull-in winches from 500 kg to 75 ton, featuring:

  • Tension Control
  • Load Read-Out
  • Proportional Speed Control
  • Fail Safe Brakes


The winches are adjusted to the basic needs of the customers and ready for delivery within a few weeks from order. Since we have the in-house knowledge to do the upkeep of the equipment, it is only natural that we take care of the service of the winches.



Electrical rental winch ready for dispatch. Even though the customer had specific requirements as to functionality of the winch, the time of delivery was only 2 weeks.