About Us

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We develop and Manufacture individual turnkey solutions to the offshore and onshore industry. Innovation, responsibility and reliability are core values, which we are known and recognized for. This is a source of pride for us. We are inquiring, open and curious to see possibilities instead of limitations – in all cooperative relations. The result is solutions, which set new standards energy- and user wise, as well as quality- and safety wise. We believe in the value of a good and trusting collaboration with customers and suppliers. This is the way we start and end every task.

Welcome to Arcim.

Consideration for the environment is a core value at Arcim. Arcim wants to be a part of the “GREEN TRANSITION” and ensure that no use of unnecessary resources is used to operate the company.

The production shall focus on lowest possible influence on environment through sorting of waste and production method and solutions. A high level of recycling shall be obtained and use of chemicals and other methods in production to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. Bio oils shall be used in majority and where this is not possible, other oils should be reduced to a minimum.

Internally, an optimal working environment for all employees should be achieved to ensure that no one is exposed to unnecessary risk.

Thoughts of sustainable solutions should be our DNA and be implemented in all processes.

All processes should undergo critical examination in everyday work processes, starting with:

1. Energy consumption

2. Functionality which can be replaced with sustainable solution eg. Electric/ hydraulic

3. De-commissioning of equipment with focus on recycle and Dangerous waste

4. Service and after-service

5. Operational territory eg. Marine environment, spillage, faults

6. Risk assessment

Our Process

  • In collaboration with our customer, we idenfy the root issue, which needs solving. We then gather a project group, equipped for the job.
  • The project group gather and think up possible solutions. They sketch and brainstorm, until they have the best solution for the customer's needs.
  • Other than drawing up the technical specification of the machine or equipment, the design process also involves great consideration for the maintanance of the equipment, eg the possibility of changing parts individually in case of faulty.
  • In this part of the process we have engaged subsuppliers, and throughout we subject the material to subtests.
  • When the product is finished we test it to make sure it is up to industry standards. We do this in-house with our own testing equipment, or when not possible, as a part of the installation on site.
  • We design the systems so that a minimum of maintainance is required in the day-to-day. And when a lot of thought is put into the plans for maintainance from our side, the result is a product that lasts longer, updates more easily and and can be disposed of safely, at the end of its lifetime.

In-house testing facilities

We are located in Esbjerg, where we have 1000 square meters of indoor storage space. Here we do the final construction of most of our projects. We have our own testing facilities, and we are able to load test up to 25 tons of dynamic load and 50 tons of static load. For us specialists at Arcim, it is very exciting to be able to follow all projects from the drawing board to final testing. But more importantly, it makes it possible for us to ensure the quality of our products, according to our own high standards.

We are certified according to the ISO9001 Quality Management System standard. Please reach out to access our certificate and information on external validation.