Arcim Electric A-Frame

Arcim A/S Patented, Electric Launch and Recovery system

For a launch and recovery operation Arcim developed an all-electric system. The client’s focus was on environmental impact and energy consumption as the system was to be installed on a hybrid powered vessel. The product was an electric A-frame and winch for launch and recovery operations, which reduces carbon emissions to an absolute minimum.

The regenerated energy is absorbed back into the system, and the only thing needed to be compensated is mechanical and electric losses in the system.

It is fed through a battery system for peak shaving, which reduces the energy requirement from the ships power distribution system to a minimum. This also means, depending on the size of the battery pack, that the only additional energy needed is topping due to the mechanical electric losses. The system can be used for energy regeneration during launch operation and in case of power failure it is possible to recover the system with full load.

The result is a complete system, which is up to 60% more energy efficient than conventional solutions. It is considerably less noisy, and the Active Heave compensation also increases the number of operational days due to operation in higher sea states.