Active Heave Compensated Platform

The Danish geotechnical offshore contractor, Geo, specializes in deep penetration CPT investigations for offshore windfarms using its world leading, enhanced CPT system. Our role in this project was to develop and build a motion compensated platform to be able to conduct these investigations in an efficient and safe manner.


Arcim A/S has successfully tested a newly developed heave and roll compensated platform for installation on a ship. The platforms intended use is to install equipment on the platform, to be used for various tests on the seabed. Independent of the ship movement the relative movement between the platform and the seabed is eliminated.


Platform data:

Speed: 1,4m/s

Acceleration: 2 m/s2

Amplitude: H 3m, +/-1,5m

Roll compensation +/-4degrees

Platform SWL: 2 ton

The cabin has light, safety warnings, alarms, communication etc.